FB good practices practices (encourage, post your questions but general ones/this is not a private consultation, )

For those who are not aware, our Facebook Group is a private group.  Only the members of the group are able to see the posts; even if you see the posts in your news feed.  This group should be encouraging and supportive.  Since I am unable to provide one on one direction for all of you please keep your questions general.  Please ask your questions and I will do my best to answer them.


Am i going to be pregnant after?


If you are pregnant in 6 weeks that would be awesome, however the program is designed to set the groundwork for achieving pregnancy.  I see these 6 weeks as the initial 3 months I normal work with patients in my practice.  Your job after these 6 weeks is to keep up with all the changes you have made and to continue to make additional changes if needed.

Progress and success is about consistency with these lifestyle changes over a long period of time.  I have found that the patients who have been the most successful is have been able to do this.



Where do I purchase what I need for week 2?

I have provided links where you can purchase all the material you need for week 2.  Please look under the week 2 tab to find this information.  For those who purchased the premium membership these materials were included for you and were shipped to you.  If you have not received them please email us at help@myfertilityschool.com



How is the information for each week released?


Each week is released one week at a time at the start of each week; Mondays!  You will not be able to access future weeks before they are released and opened for that week.  At the end of the program you will have access to everything and will continue to have lifetime access to all the material.  If we add, update or edit any of the material you will also have this as well.



Are there transcripts for each video?


Currently there are no transcripts for the videos.  We hope that this will change in future versions and when it does, you will gain access to this as well.



Where do I purchase supplements for week 5?

I have provided links to several websites where you can purchase all the supplements you need.  The link to those resources is here. I have chosen the brands and products that I use daily with patients and feel will get you the best results.  These are the best quality material for these supplements I could find.


I dont have time to incorporate all the stuff discussed, what do I do?


Take your time!  There is not rush but you should still make a plan for how you are going to incorporate these changes and when.  Making a plan is essential.  It is easy to not do anything and hard to make change, but change will be the most rewarding.  If you want to make progress and achieve success I recommend that you make a plan for making your change.