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Are you worried about your ability to bear children? Are you frustrated with the monthly heartbreak of trying?

​Are you concerned that exploring your options will cost a fortune? Do you prefer a natural, non-invasive approach to fertility?


My Fertility School LIVE is about to open for enrollment! 

You can supercharge your fertility, get expert advice and personal support on your journey to starting a family - without spending a fortune!

Spots are limited. Be the first one to know when My Fertility School opens for enrollment. 

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If you are ...

Ready for a positive change in your fertility and your life

Ready to take control of your fertility
Ready for some help from an expert
Ready to invest the time and energy to take yourself through a 6 week program and follow it 100%
Ready and able to self-start and be proactive
Ready to get pregnant
Then this is a great place to start!
Here are all the materials and 
Next My Fertility School starts in:
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My Fertility School starts on September 18th!

You’re still wondering if this is the right fit for you?

Committing to 6 weeks may seem like a lot.  But aren’t you dreaming of 40 weeks of pregnancy and the sweet baby snuggles at the end?

​​​​​​My Fertility School only opens 2 times a year.... Don’t wait for the next cycle.

Join the waiting list to be the first one to know when it opens for enrollment. No strings attached!

What other moms are saying...
Hi Mark, how are you doing? I hope all is well with you. I'm writing today to tell you that I'm pregnant! After 3 years of TTC, I'm finally pregnant at the age of 37 with IVF. I've been wanting to tell you this big news, but I hold until this pregnancy is sure. I was sure you'd be so happy, and then I would be devastated if miscarriage in early stage of pregnancy. I hold it until today since I wasn't able to hanlde such emotional rolle rcoaster. As you know, miscarriage rate of late 30s are high. I'm now 5 months pregnant and the miscarriage rate is low now. So I decided this is the time to tell you.
I felt like we were barrelling down the road to IVF, with no real hope of getting real answers, and it terrified me. Then I listened to a webinar about recurrent loss with Dr. Marc guy and everything he sais made sense. I'm on the road to true healing now, thanks to Marc Sklar and the fact that I listened to my gut telling me I had another choice.

Hi Dr Marc,

I hope all is well. Just wanted to update you with my IVF progress : ). Last year I had 4 eggs retrieval and only 1 fertilized. This time 5 eggs retrieved, all 5 fertilized : ) even my dr was surprised with the result.Yesterday I had all 5 transferred. Now I hope it will work.Thank you so much for your help and advice during the past year. It really changed my life.  Thanks


Hi Marc,
Just wanted to pass on our good new to you. We have been blessed with a baby girl on 01/22 at 3:35 pm EST. I'm really short of words to express my gratitude. Thank you for all the encouragement, hope and of course your magic treatment to help us achieve our dream of parenthood.
Thanks again for everything.
Forever grateful.

Zareen and Javed

Hi Marc and amazing Team!
Baby Bentley arrived on Sunday 10.12.14 at 7:13pm. 6lbs  10oz and 19 inches. She did a great job coming into the world. We can't thank you enough for your speciality and your passion to make new life and family possible, but most of all your heart and soul in helping our dreams come true. We love you!
Now Hi Marc, I hop you're well : ) Our sweet baby girl was born on 10/12/16. She is the sweetest, cutest little girl ever! We are so in love!

Thank you for all your help getting us here. You've been so amazing helping me through this crazy journey and I'm finally a mommy : )
Have a great evening